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SAS Tutorials (Video): Free

SAS Video Tutorials:

Class Notes SAS 9.2Entering Data with movies*Exploring Data with movies
Modifying Data with movies
Managing Data with movies
Analyzing Data with movies
General Information with movies

Class Notes : Before VersionsEntering Data, view movie
Exploring Data, view movie
Modifying Data, view movie
Managing Data, view movie
Analyzing Data, view movie (part 1) and movie (part 2)
Fancy Graphics and other cool SAS code
Data step:getting started 1: windows SAS code
getting started 2: data step SAS code
automatic _N_ variable SAS code drop & delete SAS code
formating: dates and numbers SAS code date sal.txt (also see the format procedure below to create your own formats)functions SAS code
import: Bringing in data from Excel SAS code Excel import file Excel export file text file
input: length statement SAS code infile options.txt
long SAS code long.txt
missing data SAS code
output option SAS code
pointers SAS code ex7.txt ex8.txt ex9.txt
more about pointers SAS code pointers.SAS ex10.txt
missover & delimiter SAS code delimiter.txt
more on the delimiter SAS code
retain SAS code
set SAS code
simulations: random numbers SAS code
sum SAS code
statistical functions SAS code

do loops SAS code
more about do loops SAS code
nested do loops SAS code
if then statements SAS code score.txt

Combining Data sets:
concatenating and interleaving SAS code
one-to-one merging SAS code
match merging SAS code
updating SAS code
Character functions:substring function SAS code
trim and left functions SAS code
compress and index functions SAS code record.txt
indexc and indexw functions SAS code
implicit character-to-numeric conversion SAS code
explicit character-to-numeric conversion SAS code
implicit and explicit numeric-to-character conversion SAS code

introduction to arrays SAS code
using arrays to count SAS code
using arrays to order observations SAS code
using arrays to transpose data SAS code ratsdose.txt
two dimensional arrays SAS code temp.txt fin.txt

Permanent SAS Data sets: (great for large data sets)
introduction: using libname SAS code
put and file statements SAS code survey.dat data1.dat data2.dat data3.txt fruit.dat data4.dat data5.dat income.dat

Procedures:ANOVA SAS code incommed.dat
analysis of equal vars: B-P for anova SAS code
contents: Great for large data sets SAS code sheep.dat
correlation SAS code
import: Bringing in data from Excel SAS code
Excel import file Excel export file text file
format SAS code incommed.dat (also see formating above for SAS' date and number formats) frequency tables SAS code incommed.dat
freq.xls means SAS code incommed.dat
more about means SAS code incommed.dat
gcharts: Bar and Pie charts SAS code incommed.dat
gplot: a prettier plot SAS code
more about gplot SAS code
plot SAS code print SAS code account.txt
sort SAS code account.txt
more about sorting SAS code compt.txt t-test SAS code incommed.dat
transpose SAS code
univariate SAS code test.dat
Programming outside the Data step or Procedures:Getting started 3: options SAS code
more options SAS code
Macros:introduction: macro variables (%let statement) SAS code contest.dat
%put statement SAS code score.dat
basic macros SAS code
macros with parameters SAS code ranks.dat
macro do loops SAS code
macro if/then/else statements SAS code makeup.dat
nested macros SAS code
simulations example SAS code reg.dat
SAS Video Tutorials from Virginia Commonwealth University:Intro_to_SAS.wmv
Testing_for_Constant_Variance_in_Regression_using_SAS.wmv Introduction_to_Proc_GLM_in_SAS.wmv


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