Thursday, September 4, 2008

SAS in Clinical trials:

Clinical trials:

Clinical Trails

Clinical Trials Terminology for SAS Programmers

A Simple Solution for Managing the Validation of SAS Programs

Electronic Clinical Data Capture

Pharmaceutical Programming: From CRFs to Tables, Listings and Graphs

SAS Programming in the Pharmaceutical Industry

SASâ Programming Career Choices In The Health Care Industry

Some Statistical Programming Considerations for e-Submission

The Changing Nature of SAS Programming in the Pharmaceuticals Industry

Managing Clinical Trials Data using SAS® Software

Quality Control and Quality Assurance in Clinical Research: SAS


An Introduction to CDISC:

CDISC: Why SAS® Programmers Need to Know

CDISC Implementation Step by Step: A Real World Example

CDISC standards

Supporting the CDISC standards

How to test CDISC Operation data Model (ODM) in SAS

The Use of CDISC Standards in SAS from Data Capture to Reporting

Clinical Data Model and FDA/CDISC Submissions

Creating Case Report Tabulations (CRTs) for an NDA Electronic Submission to the FDA

SDTM-annotated CRFs

Data Integrity through DEFINE.PDF and DEFINE.XML

SAS® and the CDISC (Clinical Data Interchange Standards Consortium)

Implementing an Audit Trail within a Clinical Reporting Tool

The CDISC ODM Study Designer :User Manual

XML Basics for SAS Programmers

Annotation of CRFs:

Trial eCRF Pages

Using SAS to Speed up Annotating Case Report Forms in PDF Format


Annotated CRF 1: Download(CTN0008_SDTM_annotation_20070413.pdf - 2179Kb) Annotated CRF 2: Download(CTN001_SDTM_ANNOTATION_20070330.pdf - 564Kb) Annotated CRF 3: Download(CTN002_SDTM_ANNOTATION_20070403.pdf - 560Kb)
Study Protocol 1: Download
(NIDA-CTN-0001_Bup_Nx_vs_Clonidine_Inpatient_Protocol_v.5b_112700.pdf - 192Kb)


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Clinical SAS programming has a lead role in SAS industry and taking into consideration all it's points in details,it's really a vast source to know more about Clinical trials,it's different phases etc.

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