Friday, January 2, 2009


Certification Summary---Functions:

SAS Functions can be used to convert data and to manipulate the values of character variables. Functions are written by specifying the function name, then it's arguments in parentheses. Arguments can include variables, constants, or expressions. Although arguments are typically separated by commas, they can also be specified as variable lists or arrays.


1 YEAR, QTR, MONTH and DAY Functions

2 WEEKDAY Function

3 MDY Function

4 DATE and TODAY Function

5 SUBSTR Function

6 INDEX Function

7 UPCASE Function

8 LOWCASE Function

9 INT Function

10 ROUND Function

11 TRIM Function

12 Some Sample Certification Examples

13 Points to remember

SAS Tip: How to round the numbers:

It's often a requirement to round the values of one variable to a precision defined in a different variable - either another data set variable, or a macro variable. The easiest way to achieve this is:

cooked = round(raw, 10**-dp);

In this example, the required number of decimal places is set in the dataset variable dp. The ** operator is used to convert from a number of decimal places to a suitable rounding unit for the round() function: for example, when dp is set to 3, 10**-dp becomes 10**-3, which is 10-3 or 0.001.


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