Monday, February 2, 2009

How to scan more than 20 records to determine variable attributes

Usage Note 1075: How to scan more than 20 records to determine variable attributes in EFI

In Versions 7 and 8 of the SAS System, by default the Import Wizard, PROC IMPORT and the External File Interface (EFI) scan 20 records to determine variable attributes when reading delimited text files.

Changing the default setting can only be done for EFI in Version 7, Release 8 and Release 8.1. Beginning in Release 8.2 changing the default setting is applicable to the Import Wizard, PROC IMPORT and EFI.

Follow the steps below to change the default behavior:

1) Type regedit on the command line (white box with a check mark)

2) When the Registry Editor window opens, double click on the PRODUCTS icon

3) Double click on the BASE icon

4) Double click on the EFI icon

5) In the window on the right the Contents of EFI will be populated with EFI options

6) Double click on GuessingRows

7) When the new window opens with the old value of 20, delete it, enter the new value, and click on OK.

8) Close the Registry Editor window

9) Invoke the Import Wizard, PROC IMPORT or EFI to use the new GuessingRows value

The new value entered for GuessingRows will remain until you change it.

Beginning in SAS 9.1 there is a new statement, GUESSINGROWS=, that can be specified with PROC IMPORT. By specifying the GUESSINGROWS= statement with PROC IMPORT, you do not have to change the GuessingRows value in the SAS Registry. Also beginning in SAS 9.1 you can specify the Number of Rows to Guess when using the Import Wizard in the SAS

Import: Delimited File Options Window or when using EFI in the Options for Import Window.



Unknown said...

Anybody can help!!!!

How do we import the data from Excel in SAS 9.1.2

Anonymous said...

u can import excel file into sas using data step or proc import.

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