Thursday, February 4, 2010

Check How easy to find ERROR/WARNING/UNINITIALIZED messages in the LOG window

Today I will tell you how easy it is to find ERROR/WARNING/UNINITIALIZED messages inside the LOG window.
What you need to do is….Create a list of shortcut keys inside your SAS Toolbar for the LOG window. This is quick and also saves time.

You  can customize toolbar settings using the Customize tools dialog box.
You can open the Customize tools dialog box by

1) Enter TOOLEDIT (one word) in the command bar or
2) Go to, TOOLS ________ CUSTOMIZE or
3) Right click on the Toolbar and select CUSTOMIZE.

Adding a Tool to the Toolbar
To add a tool to the toolbar, just click the Add tool button to add a blank tool to the toolbar list. Enter a SAS command in the Command box as mentioned below. You can also add icon to the SAS command as I did below.

Adding these7 icons means you can look for ERROR/WARNING/UNINITIALIZED messages and the two arrow signs will help to find the next or previous ERROR/WARNING/UNINITIALIZED messages.


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