Tuesday, February 9, 2010

MMDDYY+: Format that inserts a slash, space or "-" between the date, month and year

Here is another new format which is available with SAS 9 version called MMDDYY+ . (MMDDYY+ format can insert colons /slash or periods etc between date, month and year values); This new date format developed by SAS works for many other formats, for ex:

MMDDYYB.; *format inserts Blanks in between date, month and years;
MMDDYYC.; *format inserts Colons in between date, month and years;
MMDDYYD.; *format inserts Dashes in between date, month and years;
MMDDYYN.;*format inserts Nothing in between date,month & years;
MMDDYYP.; *format inserts Periods in between date, month & years;
MMDDYYS.; *format inserts Slash in between date, month and years;

When you have date, month and year as separate variables and you want to insert colons or slash or periods and even blanks between them…. MMDDYY+ is your answer.

Here I will show how?

data have;
input date month year;

25 1 2005
19 3 2006

12 2 2004
1 12 2007


data want;
set have;
format bdate MMDDYYB.; *format inserts Blanks.'B' means Blank;
format cdate MMDDYYC.; *format inserts Colons. 'C' means Colon;
format ddate MMDDYYD.; *format inserts Dashes. 'D' means Dash;
format ndate MMDDYYN.; *format inserts Nothing.'N' means Nothing;
format pdate MMDDYYP.; *format inserts Periods. 'P' means Period;
format sdate MMDDYYS.; *format inserts Slash. 'S' means SLASH ;
bdate = mdy(month,"01",year);
cdate = mdy(month,"01",year);
ddate = mdy(month,"01",year);
ndate = mdy(month,"01",year);

pdate = mdy(month,"01",year);
sdate = mdy(month,"01",year);


No more left(trim) or CAT/CATX/CATT/CATS functions..........


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