Sunday, September 12, 2010

SAS Keyboard Shortcuts

Here are the few shortcuts you need to know to speed up the code writing. These work in both EPG (Enterprise Guide) and SAS Enhanced Editor.
Shortcuts and their descriptions:
Remember that the keyboard shortcuts listed here are default.

Selection Operations:1) Comment the section with line comments (/): press CTL + /
2) Undo the comment: press CTL + SHIFT + /
3) Convert selected text to lowercase: press CTL + SHIFT + L
4) Convert selected text to uppercase: press CTL + SHIFT + U
Shortcuts (pre-defined) CTRL+Shift+L or +U (only for the enhanced editor), which convert all selected text into lowercase or uppercase respectively. These become very handy  when we insert the text by copy+paste.

5) Indent selected section: press TAB
6) Un-indent selected section: press SHIFT + TAB
7) To move curser to the matching DO/END statement: press
     ALT + [ or
     ALT + { or  
     ALT+] or
     ALT + }

 Miscellaneous:1) To see the desktop: press (Window’s Key + M) or (Window’s Key + D)

Navigate around Text:

1) Move to beginning of line: Press Home
2) Move to top: Press CTRL+Home
3) Move to end: Press CTRL+End

Mark (Highlight) the Text:

1) Mark to beginning of line: Press SHIFT+Home
2) Mark to end of line: Press SHIFT+End
3) Mark to top: Press SHIFT+CTRL+Home
4) Mark to end: Press SHIFT+CTRL+End

Window Control:

1) To cascade the windows: Press SHIFT+F5
2) To Tile the windows: Press SHIFT+F4
3) To go to the next window: Press CTRL+F6
4) To close the active window: Press CTRL+F4
5) To exit the SAS system: Press ALT+F4