Saturday, January 3, 2009

SAS sample programs

SAS sample code programs:

Macro for sorting the variables:

How to convert character date values into numeric date values using DATASTEP/PROC SQL and ARRAYS:

How to detect missing values using Arrays:

First. & Last. Variables:

How to determine the last observation in the dataset:

How to determine whether a numeric or character value exists within a group of variables:

Lag Function: How to obtain information from the previous observation:

How to create a new dataset from multiple datasets based on the sorted order:

Dynamically generate SET statement to combine multiple datasets:

How to determine which dataset contributed an observation:

How to determine if a variable exists in a dataset or not:

How to Read Delimited Text Files into SAS:

How to keep only even number observations in the dataset:

How to verify the existence of an external file:

Accurately calculating age in one line code:

How to use INDEX/INDEXC functions:

Finding the number of observations in the dataset:

How to capitalize first letter of the every word:/ PROPCASE FUNCTION:

How to use the SCAN function:

Concatenation functions in SAS 9.0:

SOUNDEX Function:

IFC and IFN functions:new IF functions & IF-THEN-ELSE vs SELECT:

How to remove the duplicate observations from the dataset using PROC SQL, DATASTEP/PROC SQL/or PROC SORT approaches ?

How can I count number of observations per subject in a data set?

How to save the log file or what is PROC PRINTTO procedure

How to calculate number of years and number of days between 2 dates;

How to customize page numbers in RTF output

How to create a comma separated file (.csv) of a SAS dataset?

Change all missing values of all variables into zeros/putting zeros in place of missing values for variables


Unknown said...


I need read data from multiple directories named in 7 consecutive dates for a week worth data. The names of the data sets/files in these directories are all the same. I intend to let sas create libraries with names the same as the directory names before my proc sql starts reading data. How could I do it?

Don Yang

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