Thursday, August 26, 2010

How to get the details of formats from the format libraries:

If you are like me wanted to get the details of formats stored in the format library, here are two easy ways ….Proc catalog or Proc format

Proc Catalog: Proc catalog will give us the details about name and type (numeric or character) of formats

proc catalog catalog = frmtdir.formats;

*FORMATS, is the name of the folder where all permanent formats are stored inside the library FRMTDIR.

*If you want to get the details of temporary formats use WORK in place of frmtdir.formats;

Proc Format:

Use either SELECT or EXCLUDE statements to choose the formats for which you want to get the details.


proc format library = frmtdir.formats;
select locfmt;

This code will provide the details of LOCFMT in the FRMTDIR library.

Below code gives complte information about what's stored in your format catalogs.

libname frmtdir 'c:\saswork';

proc format library=frmtdir.formats cntlout = formats;

Look at the output dataset 'formats' to get the details of the formats.