Friday, January 1, 2010

Need to convert SDTM data to ADaM data? Here's How

Need to convert SDTM data to ADaM data? Here's (Clinplus Report)


If you have you been wondering how you can effectively meet the clinical data study standards set out by the Clinical Data Interchange Standards Consortium (CDISC) specifically with regards to the Study Data Tabulation Module (SDTM) and the Analysis Data Model (ADaM) our data conversion and reporting tool may be the solution you are looking for to generate all of your safety tables and listings and provide supporting documentation in a validated, standardized ADaM compliant manner.

A Taste of SDTM in Real Time

Do we need to create ADaM dataset for each SDTM dataset?

By Jack Shostak:

You do not need to create an analysis dataset for every SDTM domain. The SDTM files can be used as-is (and probably with support from ADSL for key analysis variables) for statistical analysis if you can get away with that. The idea with analysis datasets and ADaM is that ADaM datasets are value added. ADaM doesn't want to create busywork for you. The top of page 9 of the draft ADaM 2.1 document touches on this question a bit, but not explicitly.

Thanks to Jack Shostak

ADaM Datasets VS SDTM Datasets:


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